Funniest Search Terms

I get to see the search terms that are used to get to my blog. How such search terms could possibly end up with a visit to my little part of the internet absolutely mystifies me…

2008-04-20: funny things turkeys say
2008-04-03: scoring hash in turkey
2008-03-27: pressure to bring up the perfect child
2008-03-17: cell numbers of canadian girls
2008-01-18: sexy disabled women pictures
2006-08-08: benevolent monopoly
2006-08-03: zoo which has a dingle
2006-07-28: how long will chloroform keep you sedate
2006-07-25: leotards with a canadian badge on them
2006-11-13: funny things about a turkey

2 Responses to “Funniest Search Terms”

  1. “leotards with a canadian badge on them”

    I can’t quite remember…but I might have seen that at Cowboys 🙂

  2. Nonono those were cougars, silly 🙂

    Tell the boys thanks for a kickass Stampede Party…

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