DIDW – Next Week!

ZOMG I’m waaay too excited about DIDW (the Digital ID World Conference) next week.  We’ve got an OSIS Interop and Matt has organized an Identity blogger meetup on Monday, and I’ve got what I hope to be a thought-provoking presentation set to go called “The Plot to Kill Identity” on Wednesday.    We’ve also got a booth for the ICF this year, and of course there is always the Ping Party,  and some great sessions and panels by folks I have the greatest respect for:   Jamie Lewis, Kim Cameron, Frank Villavicencio, Conor Cahill, Paul Madsen, Ashish Jain, Mark McClain, Dale Olds, Nik Nichols, Mary  Ruddy, Bob Blakley, Roger Sullivan, Craig Wittenberg…

And all of this is going to happen in the space of three days!

Ready to ROCK!

Ready to ROCK!

So!  If you are around Monday,  please come and say hi during the Interop sessions, which are running from 11am to 3pm.  Admission is free, and I think we are putting on little mini-workshops during that time period too, I’ve heard a rumor that we’ll be putting on some user-centric introductions and information sessions every half-hour starting from 1pm, I’ll post more information when I have it.

In case you have trouble identifying me, just look for the ditzy blonde with the utter lack of ability to sit or stand still.  That would be me 🙂

(photo attribution:  http://flickr.com/photos/unusual_image/455883502)

~ by Pamela on 5 Sep 08.

2 Responses to “DIDW – Next Week!”

  1. Wouldn’t a more accurate attribute claim be ‘hair:colour:blonde:dirty’

    Did that sound too catty?


  2. *laughs*

    Just make sure you refresh that attribute frequently; my hairdresser is authoritative for that claim, not me 🙂

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