Firefox 3 Rocks the Certificate Error Page

I’ve just upgraded to Firefox 3 – and I’m really glad to see that the developers have made the ceremony around suspicious certificates both more informative, and much more strongly worded.

I love to see this kind of progress. Server names deleted to protect the innocent.

Firefox 3 Certificate Errors


~ by Pamela on 19 Jun 08.

6 Responses to “Firefox 3 Rocks the Certificate Error Page”

  1. While intended to serve the public, this feature is a horrible annoyance to IT people who use a lot of equipment which has an SSL based login.
    None of it has a public certificate, and adding the exception one by one is tedious.
    *sigh* I wish they would at least include a way to shut the damn thing off, this very small irritation has rendered this otherwise amazing browser virtually useless for me and all of my co-workers.

  2. Ah, interesting. Good point…

  3. Yup… you said it right.. 😦

  4. Damn right! This crap is so annoying >:O

  5. Yeah, this is frankly a disaster for many IT shops. It makes Vista’s awful UAC look quaint by comparison. Exactly how many times should a user have to click to get somewhere? Yeesh.

    I just downgraded back to 2.x. It doesn’t help that FF3 has been crash-a-licious for me.

  6. Yep, i should be able to disable this horrible feature with about:config or something.

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