Pamela Project Acquired!

Great news! The Pamela Project has received a first round of angel investment! We will now be able to expand and improve our operations!

Paris Hilton has agreed to fund the project, as part of an ad campaign for her new “Identity” The Paris Hilton Projectline of clothing and jewelry. To reflect this large investment, we have changed the name of the project to “The Paris Hilton Project” and all of you attending next week’s RSA conference will see that a whole wall of the Interop room will be dedicated to Paris’ products, and Paris herself will be there to makeover all of the OSIS Interop Participants! Your wives, daughters, and girlfriends will thank you later. As well, we at the Pamela Project anticipate a wave of paparrazi, all wanting to know what “Identity” really is. Please inform your marketing departments accordingly.

When asked about whether Paris would also endorse Information Cards as an easy way to perform Identity transactions on the internet, Paris was quoted as saying “That’s hott”. We believe she was referring to information cards at the time.

Stay tuned for more details on this breaking news!

~ by Pamela on 1 Apr 08.

2 Responses to “Pamela Project Acquired!”

  1. Damn, I was betting on yourself acquiring the Hilton dynasty, rather than the other way round.

    Say hi to Paris for me (she’ll remember me as ‘Paulo’)


  2. And here i thought it would be more likely that Paris’ ne’er-do-well brother Banlieues Hilton would be the acquirer…

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