For those of you using Netvibes

To my horror yesterday – I found that all of my NetVibes folders had been blown away, and around 80 different feeds had been placed into a single tab called “Lost & found” after I created a new tab called “Funny!”.

It turns out that if you export an OPML File, even when the folders are missing, and then re-import, you can get your folders back (don’t click the “create new tab on import” checkbox, because then you’ll have 2 sets of everything). At least, my folders came back, YMMV.

I recommend saving an OPML file of your feeds anyway – I didn’t even think to do so until I was in a bad position, and only then did I realize how valuable that list was.

Lost and Found

~ by Pamela on 26 Feb 08.

3 Responses to “For those of you using Netvibes”

  1. I suggest checking out Pageflakes. It’s user friendly, but for gurus such as yourself, the cool sharing feature is great. For someone who has a blog, Pageflakes can be a good tool to share your feed along with other feeds you find appealing or relevant.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    don’t hesitate to contact support in case you have problems. They’ll be bale to help you to sort things out
    There’s even a link you can try to fix it yourself if you want

    PS: Hi Allison ^_^

  3. Another site to consider is

    The news widget allows multiple feeds. You can add your own url, add from our directory (+10,000 feeds) or from news search engines of yahoo, google news, google blogs, msn.

    We also support free formating widgets.. no more columns.

    For page examples and feature coverage check out

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