On monday, OSIS members agreed to put on another Interop — this time in Europe.

This will again be a joint effort between the Burton Group and OSIS, with final results demonstrated at the Catalyst Europe conference in Barcelona Italy Spain (blonde moment) sometime during October 22-25 2007.

Participation is OPEN – if you have a component and you want to interoperate, join us. We are still hammering out the scenarios, so if you join now, you can influence what we test, if there are areas of interoperation that are critical to your project or group.

Discussion around this event is currently taking place on the osis-general mailing list — join the list and announce yourself if you are interested in participating or finding out more, or drop me a note if you want more information.

There are all sorts of new groups out there, and I can’t wait to see their code. We accomplished a lot last time, and we’re ready to do the same again!

~ by Pamela on 8 Aug 07.

3 Responses to “InterOctoberOp”

  1. Barcelona in Italy….?

  2. Oh curses!!!

    Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve updated my entry to correct my moment of brain-dead-ness 🙂


  3. Dick always mentions United States Of Canada. For a moment I thought you were going for a similar angle for the new Roman empire.

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