On the infinitely nested abstraction that is a (meta-)*system

System or metasystem?
Take your pick;
Someone will always disagree.
		-- The Eternal Optimist

~ by Pamela on 7 Aug 07.

11 Responses to “On the infinitely nested abstraction that is a (meta-)*system”

  1. Nice – here is mine (since I promised not to blog about this anymore ;-)):

    A meta-system:

    Rules or Deployment? Aleph Null

    Might be the answer.

    — beuchelt

  2. Whatever choice you make
    There exists an analyst who will support
    (if you are big)
    – Eternal Cynic

  3. meta or system;

    come, let’s argue about it

    from farther away


  4. nests of abstractions;
    spring’s meta-rant still barren,
    yet progress happens

  5. It doesn’t matter
    System or metasystem
    It is what it is.

  6. Too much argument
    Energy deflected by
    Pam’s verbal Judo.

  7. There once was a girl from Nantucket
    Who kept her systems in bucket
    So you’ll never know
    Which way it will go
    Is it meta or system? ah phuckit

  8. I love hai ku.

  9. There once was a Metasystem from Microsoft … (D’oh!)

  10. All the children play
    This flower touches that one
    Who suffers?

  11. Abstract or concrete?
    Metasystems have their place:
    A pondful of drops…

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