I almost forgot…

I’ve been so wrapped in code and new features for PamelaWare, and the Interop next week at Catalyst, that I haven’t mentioned here that I am speaking at Catalyst!

My talk is entitled “What I learned when I stopped thinking about Information Cards and started Using them — a drama in 3 acts”. It is a gripping tale of romance, revelation, and ultimate wisdom that I hope you all will enjoy. The soundtrack will be out shortly 🙂

If you are attending Catalyst, be sure to come and heckle on Wednesday afternoon, June 27 2007, in Grand Ballroom B – and don’t forget to wander by and say hello at the Interop that night, which is in Plaza A, on the first floor. I’d be happy to give you a tour of at least part of what will be the most comprehensive collection of Identity Metasystem components assembled to date, working together across multiple hardware, operating system, and development platforms, and representing both open-source and proprietary interests.

See you there!


~ by Pamela on 19 Jun 07.

One Response to “I almost forgot…”

  1. Thanks for a good presentation Pamela. We enjoyed the concept of relating the i-card to a drama. It certainly resonated.

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