Happy Happy Joy Joy…

I found me some doc-U-men-tation on reference assembly changes made to the february CTP:


I haven’t had a chance to digest it all, but basically it looks like everything in System.Security.Authorization is now part of a new reference assembly called System.IdentityModel.   As well, stuff from System.ServiceModel.Design has been moved into System.ServiceModel.Description.

Affected classes that are part of my Infocard code are:

  • authorizationContext
  • ClaimSet
  • Claim
  • MetadataResolver

There are definitely more (such as infocardclientcredentials) that aren’t documented but are probably easy to figure out.  As soon as i get a minute, I will try and give you an exact accounting.   The strange thing is, the document doesn’t mention Microsoft.Infocards once, but my understanding is that data from that assembly has been merged into System.IdentityModel.Selectors.

More data to come. Stay tuned.

~ by Pamela on 14 Mar 06.

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