Will the Feb CTP ever install?

It’s only been HOURS since I started to install the February 2006 WinFX CTP. I hope there is something new and exciting to discover, after this long, nasty wait.

I also can’t help but notice that the install script is labelled “WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 Beta 2”. That is the same name that I just *uninstalled*, except that what I uninstalled was the January CTP. I’m seized with the terrible fear that I’m accidentally installing the old file instead of the new one, and that I’m going to have to do this all over again, but really I just think that nobody cares to more specifically label the installations. Hopefully there is a way to tell once (if) the stupid thing ever manages to finish.

There just has to be room for improvement when the CTP takes longer to install than the base operating system…

Update: FOILED!!! Something apparently went terribly wrong with the installation, since when I try to start InfoCard, I get an error that says: “The Digital Identity Control Panel Applet failed to start. Error: 0xc005010e Message: the digital identiy service could not be accessed”

Crap. What a waste of a night…


~ by Pamela on 9 Mar 06.

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